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Voland is an Italian independent publishing house founded in 1994 by the Slavist Daniela Di Sora. Our first aim is to spread into the Italian book market great novels and authors coming from the Eastern European and Slavic literatures, which have not been fully discovered yet by a wide public.

Our catalogue features authors such as Georgi Gospodinov, Serhij Žadan, Marina Stepnova, Aleksandr Solženicyn, Marina Cvetaeva, Mircea Cărtărescu, Stanisław Lem, and Karel Čapek. But also authors from other latitudes, such as Amélie Nothomb, Dulce Maria Cardoso, José Ovejero, and Sophie Daull.

Over the years, Voland has published many Italian authors, who have received a warm welcome all across the national territory, including Ilaria Gaspari, Nicola H. Cosentino, Ruska Jorjoliani, Ugo Riccarelli, Giorgio Manacorda, Vanni Santoni, Matteo Marchesini, Demetrio Paolin, Flavio Fusi, Valerio Aiolli, Paolo Donini, Simone Innocenti, Gianluca Di Dio, Piergiorgio Paterlini. Four of them have been shortlisted among the twelve finalists of the Strega Prize: Giorgio Manacorda with Il corridoio di legno in 2012, Matteo Marchesini with Atti mancati in 2013, Demetrio Paolin with Conforme alla gloria in 2016 and Valerio Aiolli with Nero ananas in 2019.

Voland’s Italian books are represented by Otago Literary Agency.

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